Often seniors show a change in mental status. Something is “different,” they aren’t “acting normal.” “SOMETHING IS WRONG!” The cause can be very preventable and treatable.

As a geriatric nurse the first three things I usually look for are, and ways to prevent:


Place a cup on each side of the sink. Put eight (8) pennies in the cup, representing 8- 8 ounces of fluid, on the right side. Once the 8 ounces have been consumed, take one penny and place it in the left side cup. When all eight pennies are in the left cup, enough fluids have been taken for the day. Check with their doctor to be sure your loved one is not on a fluid restriction.


Monitor bowel movements. It is OK to ask. If a senior is having very small BMs or none at all here is a natural and very simple recipe to try.
Bran, Applesauce, and Prunes 1 cup each
Blend in a food processor until smooth. One teaspoon daily is usually enough to stimulate a normal bowel movement. You can adjust according to the need. Two or three teaspoons daily can also be taken. Adjust so your loved one has a bowel movement at least every other day. It keeps nicely in the refrigerator. Discuss with your doctor before starting any bowel regime.

Bladder Infection:

Observe your loved one. Are they going to the toilet more frequently or have a sudden urge to urinate? Is there a strong odor to their urine? Make an appointment to have the doctor evaluate. By simply increasing the fluid intake bladder infections can be decreased.

Trips to the doctor or hospital can be decreased by simply implementing these three suggestions!

Never hesitate taking your loved one to the doctor if things are “just not right.” It could prevent a hospitalization.

“It is chronic water shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the human body.

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj”

“I wish that being famous helped prevent me from being constipated.”
― Marvin Gaye